DIY Kitchen Countertops for less than $50!

Here are the countertops I started with

not very pretty...

So Many New Things!

I have so many projects that I have finished, half finished, and not even started yet. I was in the middle of my kitchen makeover when I had what felt like a million other things come up that needed my attention more than my ugly bright orange countertops. I have several posts coming soon to show what I have been working on, there's some pretty exciting stuff!

DIY CUTE Clip Board


Want to know how to make a personalized, trendy clip board super cheap and easy? I made this one with a piece of MDF I already had (that used to be a shelf divider) and a clip that I found in a clearance bin for a quarter! You can buy plain MDF clip boards for about $1.50 but since I already had what I needed at home I didn't see the point of buying one. The MDF I started with looked like this

Baby Name Blocks--"Cali"


Baby Name Blocks FREE!

Enter to win a set of baby name blocks valued up to $50 for FREE! If you haven't already, Like The Tarnished Tiara's Facebook page at then send a message saying that you have done so. If you have already liked the page you can invite 5 friends to like the page and send a message saying who you invited. Your friends do not have to like the page for you to be entered. You may enter as many times as you wish, as long as you have 5 new invites.

Freebie Download from The Tarnished Tiara

Ok, here goes...this is my attempt at offering my first downloadable freebie, made by me! This is a single digital paper (I know, I know, it's only one) that I created when I could not find the exact color I was looking for. The background is a pale mint and has large gold dots across the page. You can download and print this paper as many times as you wish for free. All you have to do is right click on the image and select "save as" and then choose jpeg for best images and save to your device. If you would like this pattern in another color let me know!

DIY Fabric Flowers

With the arrival of the new little princess (my grand daughter) I have decided that she will probably need a new hair bow or head band to match each and every outfit. Since these can be rather expensive (especially when I want her to have so many) I decided to take a crack at making some on my own. The easiest one I have done so far is this fabric flower--it requires no sewing and is simple enough I think my kids could make one! Here's How:

The Tarnished a sparkly new tiara coming soon!

This week is off to a great start! First of all--the sparkly new tiara--is my first grand baby coming Tuesday. My daughter is going to the hospital to be induced. I can't believe I am going to be someone's "grandmother". Anyway, the perfect little princess with her sparkly new tiara will be here being spoiled very soon.

New Storage Container

I am loving this new box! What colors would you do?

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